Anjaneri is an attraction for the trek lovers situated at 4,264 feet (1,300 m) above sea level, it lies between Nasik and Trimbakeshwar. For the enthusiastic trekkers, Anjeneri is the most thrilling experience as you hike through the hilly terrains and pastoral sceneries of the Anjaneri ranges.The fort of Anjaneri, being the birthplace of lord ‘Hanuman’, has a great historical importance. On the way from Anjaneri village to the Fort some carvings can be seen in the caves near the steps. Besides being intriguing and eye-catching, the caves and the inscriptions are believed to be from the Jain followers. The temple of ‘Anjani Mata’, a big marvelous temple devoted to the mother of Lord Hanuman, is another attraction. Between all the caves and greenery, the reverse waterfall stands to be the biggest attraction in the Anjaneri Trek!



1. Anjaneri is the birthplace of Hanuman
2. 108 Jain caves are found here belonging to 12th century.
3. Many prominent vestiges are present on the hill that are worth a visit like Anjaneri Village.


1. By car its takes 55 min appro 40km from Hotel Grand Parivaar
(depending on Traffic conditions)


July to January is the ideal time to do Anjaneri fort. The atmosphere remains very pleasant and calm to discover the beauty of Anjaneri and nearby.

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